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(08/15) Yeah, I put up a filler. I hate to admit it, but this comic just isn't my first priority anymore. I'm not even sure what priority it is. *shrug* I don't want to give up on it, but I obviously can't update as often as I used to. So I'll put up some fillers and old artwork 'till I can start updating semi-regularly. That way this site won't be completely dead. :)

The first thing that probably caught your attention, though, was the main site layout. ^_^ I've been wanting to change it, and I remember some people telling me that sometimes the page stretches when they come to the site. Hopefully that'll solve that probleem. Check out the Art section, too. That underwent some renovation. Also, a PayPal donation button has been added by request of a reader. I was really hesitant, but I went ahead and put it up. I think I'll hold some "contests" with it. How about... for every $50 donated, I'll put up a wallpaper (it'll definitely look better than the last one >.< ). And if you're one of the awesome people who does donate, you'll get an additional wallpaper that non-donors won't be able to get. What do you think?

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(06/05) Ja, no comic for now. :( But I did make a wallpaper! And it comes in several different sizes! *much joy*

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(06/05) Gaaahhhh... I feel so awful... This comic was supposed to be up last Monday, but I flew out to Texas on May 23rd to spend the month of June with my older sister, so I didn't get to finish coloring the comic 'till around Wednesday of last week. >.< I hate not having the comic up every Monday. I'm trying to aim for at least every other Monday, but I can't even do that. :( Well, at least I'm having a blast out here in Ft. Worth. Any readers live out here in the DFW (Dallas/ Fort Worth) area? I was going to go to A-Kon and see if I could meet up with some peeps, but my sister doesn't really want to drive to Dallas, and we have stuff planned for that weekend anyway, so A-Kon is a no. Oh well. I'll probably be able go to a few cons back in Atlanta with some friends.

I had fun with the backgrounds in today's comic, especially panels five and six. Panel five was originally supposed to be more black, but I kinda liked how this turned out. And I didn't know what I was going to do with panel six, so I just let my imagination go free! hahaha.... Oh yeah, Ashley is supposed to be stuttering in the first part of panel five because she's so shocked (that's Ky'eel licking the puppy in the previous panel, by the way). :D

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